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October 28, 2013
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Love Peaches by AustriaKaninchen Love Peaches by AustriaKaninchen
My friend said I should draw in some other I drew a peach in Nintendo style (frankly, this is hardly a huge difference to what I usually draw...)

The peach is freaking huge, I need to work on the proportions^^;

Peach (c) Nintendo
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honeypink Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
AustriaKaninchen Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist
Dragondud Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Super amazing!
AustriaKaninchen Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Koopakrusher Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
I have got to be honest with you, how official artwork depicts Peach having a small, circular mouth with more circular lips, always peeved me. It just bugged me and I don't know why I don't like the shape of her mouth so much.
BUT THIS!! THIS PICTURE YOU MADE!! IT'S JUST... OMG I LOVE IT!! :iconloveloveplz: I can't stop looking at and loving how you rendered Peach's face! You made her mouth actually look cute to me. Im not even sure what you did, but I wish Nintendo always made her mouth how you did it. Her eyes are so big, colorful, and I love the soft light reflecting off of them! Their details and shades are just right IMO, as is the size of her nose. :XD: I like the flower border in this picture too, and the sparkles. They make a pretty good showy border (I hope I said that right.) And I love the shading in her gloved hands. Sure the peach is humungous, but look at it this way, this is Mario fan art we're talking about. In Mario's world, things like Mushrooms and bugs, and other things, can be as big as playing balls, and watermelons can grow on palm trees! :lol: In short, it's not necessarily a bad thing that the peach is so big. As for her hair, OMG her hair... I love how you shaded it, it's just as noticeable but I love how soft the shading is in color. It's not too bright where the light shines on it either. And I love how you colored her earrings; they look so opaque, I just love how you pulled that off. Overall, this is a Peach picture where I can truly see Mario stiff as a board, hands down to his hips, flapping like bird wings, while his eyes pop out into big hearts! :XD:
AustriaKaninchen Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist
haha It always makes me so happy to find your feedbacks in my inbox, thank you!^^
you're too kind, I have a long way to go haha :P
Midna01 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ich hab jetz grad so nen inneren zwang dass ich das sag: der pfirsich sieht aus wie ein arsch :'DDD 
aber sonst is das bild schön, mir gefallen die blumen :3
AustriaKaninchen Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist
klar pfirsiche sehen doch immer aus wie ärsche, schon mal pfirsich on ritze gesehen? XD
lol trotzdem danke :D
TheKitsuneBrawn Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
She looks gorgeous!
AustriaKaninchen Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist
thank you^^
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